Moody Food is a weblog devoted to cooking for the appetites. We take the view that eating and preparing food are largely emotional undertakings, and that people eat best when they eat to please themselves. Which we think is great. Because if you have to eat to live—at the very least three times every day for the rest of your life—you may as well enjoy it.

We have a few very strong beliefs about how and what to eat, chief among them that other people (that includes us) need not tell you how to eat or what to cook, and that, if you listen closely, your moods and your appetites will make these decisions very soundly for you. We don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but this site exists to share how we feel about these things. I say ‘we’ because the food that appears here has usually been cooked for others in addition to me, but there’s only one of me writing. I should also say that this site exists in part to keep me from boring friends and family to tears with near-constant chatter about ingredients, techniques, restaurants, shops, and the rest. Anyway, I’d like to be helpful, or at least a little entertaining, if I can.

Thank you so much for visiting,

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